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January's Monthly Rant

by David R. Bryant

If not, join the ranks of representatives of Social Security claimants and find out what you've been missing. See the World of Government through the world class service eyes of beaurocrats gone bezerk.

Congress? Not us. We inherited all those complex laws and only change things if the President asks (or if we get too many letters and therefore respond to constituent needs). Baloney!! Congress can respond real quickly to "disintermediation" (i.e. Senator Moynihan, N.Y.) when funny money is being created. If these really are Trust Finds, why are they included in the operating budge? Duh!! Because the smoke and mirrors of a "Balanced Budget" would soon disappear if Uncle Sam had to adhere to the same accounting as required by ERISA. These IOU's in the Trust Fund accounts are not real money. Wait until, the baby boomers reach 60 plus. Then Dr. Kevorkian will become a saint.

Social Security? Not us. We are hamstrung by Congress, the Courts, the Civil Service Rules, Unions, Lobbyists, and worst of all those damn NOSSCR lawyers. Any efforts to improve have been crippled by one or the other, or all!! Look at what happened to our Web site effort to allow people to get projections on their own benefits. Too bad employer actions were accessing the same info (with consents) in order to integrate plan benefits on disability and/or disability refinements. What about LTD insurance companies hiring "representatives" (of whom?) for disability claimants? Does that information ever get back to UNUM or other LTD carrier? I wonder!!? I am sure Dr. Apfel, with his extensive experience in Social Security Advisory panels, will use his new executive powers to knock some heads together (whose?).

Query: When will the new DOT be finished? When will local D/O telephone numbers be published in the yellow pages instead of (800)..? When will the backlog of disability claims be resolved? When will State Agencies ask doctors the same questions on Cardiac Evaluation forms regardless of where the claimant lives? Do hearts in Alabama act different in Alaska? Acquiesce? Marbury v. Madison? You're kidding!

Courts? Not us. We would just as soon get rid of 405(g) cases entirely and deal with the important matters the Founding Fathers envisioned - like Teamster dues? and HUD foreclosures? Besides, we judges are under a different retirement system. Everybody knows those goofs in the 9th Circuit are way out liberals. Whatever happened to deference and finality? I should not be second-guessing my old buddies, the ALJ's. We should stick together!!! The LAW is the Law (as I see it). Marbury v. Madison? You're kidding!

Wake up people. Government works for the people. And people work for the Government. Seems like people should work with each other instead of ranting. Guilty as charged. Let me hear from you - but not too much!

- David R. Bryant

Feel free to respond with some thoughts along these lines by E-mail to drbryant@severe.net

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