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HALLEX I-4-001

Office of Hearings and Appeals

Social Security Administration (S.S.A.)

Department of Health and Human Services

Volume I

Division IV: Civil Action

Subject: OCA Functions and Responsibilities

Chapter: I-4-000

June 30, 1994

Current through June 1997


Division 4 of HALLEX Volume I contains the guiding principles and procedures for the Office of Civil Actions (OCA). The chapters in Division 4 generally correspond to the sequence of events in the processing of cases in which a civil action has been filed. For example, new court cases are discussed in chapter > I-4-100, supplemental reviews in chapter > I-4-200, remands in chapter > I-4-300, etc. In addition, there are separate chapters on class actions (chapter > I-4-600), and actions which may occur at any point in processing a court case (chapter > I-4-700).

Within each chapter, information is presented chronologically, with procedures for commonly occurring situations preceding procedures for situations less frequently encountered. Procedures for clerical, technical, and professional staff members are not separated, but rather appear in the order they would usually be performed.

Please bring any problems which you encounter with any Division 4 instructions to the attention of your Division Director, technical advisor, or operations supervisor.