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HALLEX I-4-157
Office of Hearings and Appeals
Social Security Administration (S.S.A.)
Department of Health and Human Services

Volume I
Division IV: Civil Action
Subject: New Court Cases
Chapter: I-4-100

June 30, 1994

Current through June 1997


After the technician assembles all material comprising the record, numbers all pages, prepares an index, and obtains the signed and sealed certification, the package is ready for printing. See > I-4-159, Exhibit J for an illustration of proper assembly of the administrative record. The technician must take the following actions in order to release the record for printing:

Place one carbon copy of the certification in the claim files.

Place the original and the remaining carbon copies of the certification on top of the record, as shown in > I-4-159, Exhibit J.

Place the entire administrative record in a manila folder and annotate the folder in bold print with the proper priority; i.e., HOT-IN-HOUSE, HOT, EXPEDITE, or ROUTINE, as indicated in the chart in > I-4-159, Exhibit A.

Complete the request for reprographic services (see > I-4-159, Exhibit D). Obtain a requisition number from the operations supervisor. The reprographic request form will serve as a route slip to direct the case to the Reprographics Staff and should be the top document. Staple a copy of the form to the front of the appeals file or temporary folder containing the OAO working papers near the edge to allow easy visibility of the requisition number when the file is shelved in an upright position.

Complete a route slip in duplicate, showing proper disposition of the claim file. Staple the original route slip to the claim file and place a copy in the appeals file.

Complete a SSADARS control sheet reflecting transfer of the claim file to the destination shown on the route slip.

Request the clerk to annotate the Wang to show that the file is being sent to the Reprographics Staff.

Rubber band the claim file and the manila folder containing the administrative record together and place them in the cart or out box designated for pickup by reprographic personnel. If the technician needs to retain the claim file in order to obtain missing material for preparation of a supplemental record see > I-4-154 K.

Retain the appeals file or temporary folder containing OAO working papers. File these according to the requisition number to await receipt of the OHA copy of the record from the Reprographics Staff.

For HOT-IN-HOUSE cases, the technician must indicate on the reproduction request that the Reprographics Staff must return the copies to the operating division for distribution. When the technician express mails the administrative record to the OGC regional Chief Counsel or U.S. Attorney, with a copy to the Social Security Division of OGC, in Baltimore, he or she must prepare a transmittal slip and place a copy in the appeals file or the temporary folder containing the OAO working papers. The transmittal slip forwarding copies to OGC must show which component; i.e., the regional Chief Counsel or the U.S. Attorney, received the direct-mail copy. The technician must give the appropriate information to the clerk who annotates the Wang tracking document as to the release of the record and the disposition of the case.

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