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HALLEX I-4-162
Office of Hearings and Appeals
Social Security Administration (S.S.A.)
Department of Health and Human Services

Volume I
Division IV: Civil Action
Subject: New Court Cases
Chapter: I-4-100

June 30, 1994

Current through June 1997


A. Verifying Information

Following assembly of the CAR, the OCA court records technician must complete a request for reprographics services form and forward the case to the Reprographics Staff (see > I-4-159, Exhibit D). When the files arrive in Reprographics, a machine operator enters each case in a log book. The operator must also verify that the information shown on the reprographics request form, especially the claimant's name and social security number, matches that shown on the claim file and that each record includes a signed certification form (see > I-4-159, Exhibit H or I). If there are any discrepancies, the machine operator will call the OCA division which sent the case and resolve the inconsistencies. If the discrepancy cannot be resolved by phone, the Reprographics supervisor will return the file to the operations supervisor in the division noting the discrepancies. The machine operator must also review the reprographics request forms to determine if there are any HOT-IN-HOUSE, HOT or EXPEDITE cases which require priority processing. The cases are then assigned according to priority to a machine operator for the preparation of the CAR.

B. Preparing the Record

1. Prepping the File

Preparing the record is a multi-stage process. The first step is known as "prepping." In prepping the file, a machine operator, using the Kodak Ektaprint 100 PS, photocopies one copy of the CAR from the original documents and checks each photocopies page for proper pagination and for duplication quality. The machine operator then makes a copy of the requisition form and places it on top of the CAR and clips the certification forms to the left side of the folder. The operator then gives the files to the Xerox 9900 machine operator.

2. Producing Additional Copies

The Xerox 9900 is a high speed copier used to produce the additional copies of the CAR. The Xerox machine operator must first check the prepped copy of the CAR for quality and proper pagination. The operator then duplicates the requested number of copies by photocopying the prepped copy of the CAR. For quality control purposes, the machine operator must review the first copy duplicated on the Xerox 9900. When all photocopying has been completed, the machine operator inserts each copy of the CAR into the paper drill machine which punches three holes in the CAR. The CAR is now ready for binding.

3. Binding

The machine operator who performs the binding must check two photocopies of the CAR for reproduction quality and pagination errors and verify that claimant's name is correctly shown on the certification. The operator must place one copy of the certification on top of each CAR and place each CAR in a binder. The operator must ensure that the record which contains the certification with the raised Department Seal is on top of the other copies unless the case is HOT-IN-HOUSE.

The machine operator then writes the requisition number on the OGC cover sheet (see > I-4-169, Exhibit C), ties together the requested number of OGC CARs and places them in the appropriate mail cart. If the requisition form shows that one copy of the CAR goes to OCA, the machine operator places a copy (not the raised seal copy) in the OCA mail cart. The operator places the original file on the control clerk's desk.

The control clerk must record the completion of the CAR photocopying in the log book. The clerk must then date the reprographics request form and place the file in the proper IDIO or PSC releasing box according to the requisition form instructions. The clerk sets aside one copy of the requisition form. Another clerk collects these forms and enters the cases processed by Reprographics into the WANG-OIS for statistical purposes.


In HOT-IN-HOUSE cases, after the machine operator completes the binding, he or she gives the original file and all copies of the CAR to the control clerk. The control clerk must record the completion of the CAR photocopying in the log book, date the requisition form and call the appropriate OCA division to advise them that the CAR is complete. The division must immediately send a clerk to pick up all files.

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